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2750 Copenhagen, Denmark (DK)

Danish Language

Danish Language

Danish language class international school copenhagen denmarkMany international and multicultural families often face the dilemma of choosing between a Danish or an international school, depending on their expected duration of stay in Denmark. To integrate properly in Denmark, one needs to cultivate Danish skills, but for global options parents prefer an international curriculum with English as the medium of instruction. Often, international schools do not provide enough emphasis on learning Danish and children studying there but staying longer in Denmark face the difficulty in overcoming the language barrier. Their opportunities and social circle also become considerably limited.

To address this gap and to enrich our young learners’ everyday life in Denmark, Viking International School will maintain a strong focus on learning the Danish language. Even though English will be the main medium of instruction, a significant part of the day will be spent in activities with Danish as the medium of instruction.

We aim to accommodate both short term and long-term expats, mixed background families residing in Denmark and Danish families returning home from abroad. The program will have a common framework for Danish and international families who wish to have the possibility of having their children exposed to both languages from an early age. We firmly believe this will also help the children of short term expats thrive in Denmark during their period of stay here.