Agernhaven 2K

2750 Copenhagen, Denmark (DK)

Parent Participation

Parent Involvement

We believe that children achieve more at school when their parents are involved in their education and the school tries to foster effective partnerships with parents.

Apart from the usual process of regular parent-teacher progress meetings, newsletters and parent associations, we aim to go further by encouraging parents to come to the classroom or contribute to the learning environment/projects.

Through a parent school partnership, we aim for the following:

• We want our children to see their parents as part of their learning journey—not as passive members, but engaged and active learners themselves.
• Ensuring school decisions broadly represent the school community
• Ensuring school activities and actions are respectful and representative of individual cultures of all the students and their families
• Building mutual commitment by families to take action in the home that supports learning at school
• Enabling teachers and school leaders to access expertise and perspectives that support our curriculum

Parents can be involved in their children’s initial years through experiential learning¬ in field trips and as special speakers where they can share their profession and/or passion. We aim to provide real-world connections for our children through these interactive workshops or presentations. We believe these interactions will create a positive relationship between school and home and also enhance learning by making use of parents’ wide-ranging knowledge and experience.